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Förekomsten av artiklar som nämner Anita D'Orazio - från Kungliga Bibliotekets databas

Articles which refer to Anita D’Orazio, taken from the National Library of Sweden’s (Kungliga Bibliotekets) database. In total, over 400 articles.

 Through the years, especially from the 1980’s and onwards, there have been many articles and media reports written about Anita and articles regarding the legal cases of individual refugee’s whose applications for asylum in Sweden have been rejected, where she has become involved. Anita has also published a number of articles, together with other activists within the Asylum Rights movement. Some of the documents accessible via Internet are listed below. Older articles and documents can also be located using the following databases:

The Media Archive
Mediearkivet has a number of articles about Anita D’Orazio—such as news reports that she has co-authored, reports about Anita’s work and news reports regarding individual asylum seekers for whom she has advocated. The Media Archive charges for its service. However, it is often possible to gain access to the archive via local libraries or University libraries.

Kungliga Biblioteket, ‘KB’, (the National Library of Sweden)- Swedish newspapers
A search for ”Anita Dorazio” in the KB database identified more than 450 hits from nearly 60 Swedish newspapers between 1961-2016. The number of hits can vary between different searches. The reason for this can be if the search result contains duplets. The articles can only be read in full through digital means at the Kungliga Biblioteket (the National Library of Sweden).

The DN.Arkivet (the Dagens Nyheter’s historical archive)
The Dagens Nyheters historical archive has 64 newspaper pages with the name ‘Anita D’Orazio’ mentioned between the years 1970-1992.

Sveriges Radio (Radio Sweden)
One search at Sveriges Radio using the name ‘Anita Dorazio’ identifies about 38 hits. In this archive there are Swedish articles and sound bites about Anita, such as a ‘Studio Ett’- conversation about financially assisted voluntary return of refugees (‘flyktingbidrag’), from 2007. Participating in this radio report are the migration minister at that time Tobias Billström and Anita D’Orazio.

Articles and reports about the asylum rights work (in Swedish)

Forbidden medical care, a report about the medical clinic in Stockholm. Aftonbladet, 1999-07-10.

Volunteer medical doctors are treating refugees who are living in hiding, a report about the medical clinic in Stockholm. Dagens Nyheter, 2003-02-20.

”Sverige har EU:s tuffaste flyktingpolitik”, article about Swedish refugee policy. Aftonbladet, 2003-06-19.
Title in English: Sweden has EU’s toughest refugee policies, an article about the Swedish refugee policies.

Flyktingar får vård i smyg,  article about the secret refugee medical clinic in Stockholm. SvD, 2008-01-13.
Title in English:
Refugees are cared for in secret, a report about the medical clinic in Stockholm.

Den underjordiska humanismen: Papperslös vård, report from the medical clinic in Stockholm. FiB, 2012-10-14.
Title in English: Underground humanity: health care for undocumented migrants, a report about the medical clinic in Stockholm.

”Jag vill väcka den björn som sover”, article about Anita in Nordanstig. Hela Hälsingland, 2013-02-02.
Title in English:
I do want to wake up a sleeping dog, an article about Anita’s visit to Nordanstig.

Aktivister och politiker rasar mot polisen, article regarding the opposition to the Reva police project. Aftonbladet, 2013-02-21.
Title in English: Activists and politicians furious with the police, an article about the resistance to the ‘Reva project’. For information in English about the Reva project, see The Local’s article 

Undocumented migrants are not the problem. Hon vill hjälpa apatiska flyktingbarn i Älvsbyn, article about Anitas involvemnt in refugee support in Älvsbyn. NSD, 2013-06-06.
Title in English:
She wants to help ‘apathetic’ refugee children in Älvsbyn, an article about Anita’s advocacy of these children’s rights to asylum, in Älvsbyn.

Articles about individual asylum cases

Mayram bröt ihop –- avvisningen stoppades, article about Mayram who was at risk to be deported to Teheran. Aftonbladet, 2002-04-18.
Title in English: Mayram had a breakdown—the deportation was stopped.

Min pappa dödar mig, reportage about Lollo, 17, who went underground after receiving a decision that she would be deported. Aftonbladet, 2009-01-30.
Title in English:
“My dad will kill me”, a report about Lollo, 17, who went into hiding after she was served with an expulsion order.

Har hållit sig gömd över fyra månader, article about Lollo. Expressen, 2009-05-26.
Title in English:
Has been in hiding for four months (an article about Lollo).

Svårt sjuk pojke utvisas till Baku, article about a 16-year old boy who risked being deported to Azerbajdzjan. Aftonbladet, 2012-01-12.
Title in English:
Severely ill boy to be deported to Baku.

Pojke ska utvisas till Azerbajdzjan, radioreportage om ovanstående fall. Sveriges Radio, 2012-01-12.
Title in English:
Boy to be deported to Azerbajdzjan—a radio report about the 16-year old boy mentioned in the newspaper article above.

Elvaårige Izmail är apatisk – utvisas ändå, a report about the apathetic child Izmail who was living in hiding together with his mother after the decision made by the Migration board to deport the boy. ETC, 2014-02-17.
Title in English: Eleven-year old Izmail is apathetic and will still be deported.

Advokater ska hjälpa Maria, article about the work of the Sanctuary Fund Fristadsfondens to help 2-year old Maria Gevokiyan’s family which had received a decision that they would be deported to Armenien. SVT, 2014-05-02.
Title in English:
Lawyers will help Maria.

Migrationsverket pressas om Leon, 12, article about Leon who was to be deported Serbia. Expressen, 2015-09-27.
Title in English:
the Migration Board is put under pressure about Leon, 12.

Articles about Anita

Modiga människor: Anita, 63, är en medmänsklig rebell. Aftonbladet, 2000-04-09.
Title in English: Brave human beings: Anita, 63, is a humanitarian rebel.

”En gång ringde Bert Karlsson och skrek”. Metro, 2008-12-11.
Title in English:
“Once Bert Karlsson phoned up and shouted” (note: Bert Karlsson is commissioned by the Migration Board to provide housing for asylum seekers. He is also the former party leader of the far right, populist, party ‘Ny Demokrati’ (New Democracy) and was Member of Parliament, 1991-1994).

Kämpar för de mest utsatta. Expressen, 2008-12-28.
Title in English:
She fights for those who are most vulnerable.

Trotsar lagen för flyktingar. Världen idag, 2009-12-28.
Title in English:
She disobeys the law, in the fight for refugees.

Anita har kämpat för flyktingars rätt i 40 år. Aftonbladet, 2015-09-18.
Title in English:
Anita has fought for refugees’ rights for 40 years.

Anita har kämpat för flyktingars rätt i 40 år. (This article was published in connection with the Swedish Heroes Award Ceremony 2016). Aftonbladet, 2016-12-16.
Title in English: Anita has been fighting for refugees’ rights for 40 years.

Anita: ”Jag trodde att jag skulle svimma”.
(This article was published in connection with the Swedish Heroes Award Ceremony 2016). Aftonbladet, 2016-12-16.
Title in English: Anita: “I thought I would pass out”.

”Jag känner inte igen mitt land längre”. (This article was published in connection with the Swedish Heroes Award Ceremony 2016). Aftonbladet, 2016-12-16.
Title in English: I don’t recognise my country any more.

Här får Anita se sitt porträtt på Arlanda. (This article was published in connection with the Swedish Heroes Award Ceremony 2016). Aftonbladet, 2017-01-12.
Title in English: Anita is shown her portrait at Arlanda Airport.

Articles by Anita (and others in the asylum rights movement)

”Westerberg svek i flyktingfrågan”. Flykting- och asylgrupperangriper folkpartiet – det blev ingen humanare flyktingpolitik, debate article. Dagens Nyheter, 1991-12-16.
Title in English:
“Westerberg sold out on the refugee question”. Refugee and asylum groups attack the Liberal Party- more humane refugee politics never happened.

Läkare anklagar regeringen för etikbrott: ”Gömd flykting vägras vård”, debate article. Dagens Nyheter, 2001-01-08.
Title in English:
Medical doctors are accusing the Government for ethical violation: “Hidden refugee denied healthcare”.

Asylpolitik som skadar tilliten, debate article by Etikkommissionen i Sverige, Uppsala Nya Tidning, 2012-12-27.
Title in English:
Asylum politics that harms trust (co-authored article by Etikkommissionen i Sverige and others).


Augustgalan (the nomination of The August Prize) 2014: Anita D’Orazio presents the book: ‘De utvalda’ (The chosen) by the author and nominee Steve Sem-Sandberg. Information about The August Prize in English

Interview with Anita at the TV4 morning show the ‘Morning News’ (’Nyhetsmorgon’), in connection with the Swedish Heroes Award Ceremony and Anita’s Lifetime Achievement award 2016. TV4, 2016-12-16.