The Medical Clinic in Stockholm

On 7th May 1995, Anita D’Orazio, together with two medical doctors, started a secret clinic for refugees in hiding and undocumented migrants Läkare i Världen (Médecins du Monde Suède/ Doctors of the World Sweden). Initially, the clinic was opened in the Book Café in Lidingö (Lidingö’s Bokcafé), where volunteer (unpaid) doctors, could see patients with limited resources and at a low cost.

The clinic was the first of its kind in Stockholm and has led to similar clinics being established around the country. Soon after the opening of the medical clinic at Lidingö, Anita contacted the pediatrician, Dr Henry Ascher in Gothenburg, to initiate a similar clinic in West Sweden, and in 1998 the medical clinic, Rosengrenska stiftelsen (in Swedish), opened in Gothenburg.

The medical clinic in Stockholm helps people from about 60 different countries annually, presenting with different kinds of needs. Since the establishment of the clinic and in order to provide good, personalized and holistic care, Anita and her colleagues have been working in a multidisciplinary manner—for example, medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, lawyers, interpreters and social workers may collaborate over time on the same case.   Read more about Läkare i Världen on their website (in Swedish).