Prizes & Awards

The Ronny Landin Prize (1994)


Awarded by the Riksförbundet Stoppa Rasismen (the National Association End Racism). The price was awarded in 1988-1999 to persons who have made contributions in resisting racism and xenophobia.

The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS)’s Eldh-Ekblad’s peace prize (1999)

Eldh-Ekblads fredspris

The Svenska Freds- och Skiljedomsföreningens (The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS)) board has decided at the Society’s 116th-annual congress in Falköping, 22-25 May 1999, to award Anita Dorazio the Nils and Signe Eldh-Ekblad Peace Prize for her longstanding work dedicated to helping people who have been exposed to war and repression.” About The Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) and Eldh-Ekblad’s peace prize.

Award of honour – the Karin and Ernst August Bång’s Foundation (2004)

Stiftelsen Karin och Ernst August Bangs minne

“For her longstanding work to help people who are fleeing war and repression.” About the Karin and Ernst August Bång’s Foundation (in Swedish)

Hoola Bandoola Bands Prize in memory of Björn Afzelius (2006)


“For tireless voluntary work to help and support asylum seekers who are forced to live in hiding in Sweden”. About the ‘Hoola Bandoola Bands Prize’ (in Swedish)

The Order of the Teaspoon (2008)

Teskedsordens Stipendium

“Anita Dorazio is awarded the The Order of the Teaspoon’s scholarship 2008 for her tireless fight for a more humane and more tolerant society in which all human beings have a place and are respected”.

About ‘The Order of the Teaspoon’ in English

Focus Magazine- Swede of the Year (2008)

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“Anita Dorazio is awarded the prize for her perseverance, her engagement and focused work to safeguard the right of refugees. By establishing a secret medical clinic in which persons who are living in hiding in Sweden and undocumented migrants, can receive health care and advice regarding their health, Anita Dorazio has contributed to a more endurable life situation for many, vulnerable refugees. Her efforts have also placed a focus on Swedish refugee politics and the continuous struggle for the equal rights and dignity of all human beings in Sweden.”

About ‘Tidningen Fokus Årets Svensk’ (in Swedish)

The’Kondor Prize’, awarded by the ‘Chilenan National Association in Sweden’

Kondorpriset Chilenska riksförbundet

“Why should we close our eyes to the realities our fellow human beings are enduring around the world? What is our responsibility as a rich, stable and safe society, towards these fragile and vulnerable individuals who are fighting so hard to keep going? Are we right to close our door to them? How can we help? Anita has simply answered all these reflective thoughts; she is the door that many people need in order to strive for a better life; she is the eyes, which are required in order to see what an individual in a life threatening situation needs; she is the safety who takes responsibility for all the forgotten children who due to war, catastrophe or persecution cannot smile or see a positive future. Anita has not forgotten the main principle of humanity: to live together, united in all peoples’ dreams. She reaches out a hand, opens a door, and opens her heart towards those who need us the most. Anita, we have learned from you that peace and freedom consists of solidarity, generosity, hope, belief and very much love. Thank you for all the Chilean people you have helped and thank you for continuing your fantastic work with refugee issues for many years. Thank you so very much.”

Anita D’Orazio scholarship (2016)

The Anita D’Orazio scholarship 2016. Photo: Losita Garcia.

In 2016, the Left Party, ’Vänsterpartiet’ and the Young Left Party, ’Ung Vänster’, instituted an award in the name of and to honour Anita D’Orazio. Ten thousand Swedish Crowns will be awarded annually on the 23 September to individuals or groups who are working for refugees and asylum seekers. The first award was dedicated to Inger Hassler, who has worked voluntarily for more than 30 years with asylum seekers and refugees in hiding in Flen, Sörmland and across the world. For more information in Swedish see the Left Party’s website: Vänsterpartiets hemsida.

Swedish Heroes Gala– The Lifetime Achievement Award (2016)

Anita D’Orazio together with actor Björn Granath, singer/musician and composer Mikael Wiehe, and actor Sven Wollter. Photo: Aftonbladet’s photos from the award ceremony Swedish Heroes.

The Jury stated”Anita D’Orazio is a Swedish Hero 2016 due to her work with refugees for over 40 years through which she, amongst other things, has helped thousands of people in need to manage through the bureaucracy and be granted asylum in Sweden. Despite that she is 80 years of age, she remain as active today.”

The award was covered widely by the media. Aftonbladet wrote about ’Anita’s longstanding struggle for refugees’ rights’ (for article in Swedish: Anitas mångåriga kamp för flyktingars rätt) and also published an article with TV coverage from the Svenska Hjältar Galan (for article with TV coverage in Swedish: artikel med tv-klipp från Svenska Hjältar-galan). Aftonbladet have also published an article covering the unveiling of Anita’s portrait at the Arlanda Airport’s ’Wall of Fame’ (for article in Swedish: artikel från när Anitas porträtt avtäcktes på Arlanda) at Terminal 5.

TV4 interviewed Anita on their morning program the ‘Morning News’ (Nyhetsmorgon). (For TV coverage in Swedish: Hjältens ilska: ”Hemskt att inte flyktingbarn får vara lyckliga i Sverige”)

Swedish Heroes is an award ceremony broadcast by TV4 and co-produced with Aftonbladet. In 2016, the jury consisted of Mark Levengood (chair), Ingvar Carlsson, Silvana Imam, Peter Forsberg, Malena Ernman, Özz Nujen, Magdalena Graaf, Anders Bagge, Mattias Klum, Eva Hamilton and Anja Pärson. Mark Levengood awarded the prize to Anita D’Orazio during the ceremony.


Right Livelihood Award (in the 1990’s)

Anita has been nominated to the Right Livelihood Prize, often called the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’, which honours organizations and people who are working for a better future. About the The Right Livelihood Award

Swedish Heroes – Aftonbladet (2015)

“Anita har kämpat för flyktingars rätt i 40 år” English title: “Anita has fought for the rights of refugees for 40 years” (Article in Swedish, Aftonbladet, 2015-09-18)

Václav Havel Human Rights Prize (2015)

Extract from the nomination: Dear Secretary General, we would like to nominate Ms Anita D’Orazio for the Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2015. Ms D’Orazio has defended human rights as a human rights activist, advocating for human rights of forced migrants, in particular rejected asylum seekers and undocumented migrants in Sweden, since the 1970’s. Since the 1980’s, she has founded a number (at least five) of sustainable organisations that work to safeguard the human rights for forced migrants in Sweden. Throughout these decades, Ms D’Orazio has never been paid, but relied on voluntary donations. We are honoured that Ms D’Orazio herself is still actively involved as board member and volunteer in some of these organisations. In establishing these organisations, the focus and the consistent and common denominator has been the protection of vulnerable persons and supporting and securing for them the universal rights such as the right to life, health and health care, the rights of the child, to judicial review and appeal, to a safe haven (including shelter), to rights under the Convention against Torture and to the rights for persons with disabilities as well as protection against trafficking.

Read the whole nomination to ‘Václav Havel Human Rights Prize’ (in English, pdf) About Václav Havel Human Rights Prize (2015)