How to contribute

Many of the organizations that Anita D’Orazio has co-founded are still active today. On this page there is information about how to contact some of these organisations, how to contribute as a volunteer, or how to make a donation.

The Asylkommittén i Stockholm (the Asylum Committee in Stockholm)
Asylkommittén i Stockholm provides financial assistance to families attending the Läkare i Världen’s clinic for legal advice on matters related to do asylum. Financial assistance is given towards food, housing (rent) and bus tickets (‘SL’- card). You can help by donating money to the account, the ‘Asylkommitténs plusgiro’: 52 81 43-1.

Etikkommissionen i Sverige (the Ethics Commission in Sweden)
Etikkommissionen i Sverige is a human rights witness organisation working to safeguard the right to asylum. The organisation also collaborates with researchers researching the asylum process. The organisation is always looking for people who are interested in serving as a contact person for rejected asylum seekers, witnesses as to rejected asylum seekers’ legal situation and for new members.

If you would like to learn more about how to help, contact: You can also make a donation to the ‘Etikkommissionen i Sveriges plusgiro’ account number: 61 72 58 -9. Mark the donation with ‘donation’ and state your name or the name of your organisation in the message box on the payment slip.

FARR (Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups)
Individuals or organisations who are engaged in, or working with, matters of asylum or who are supporting undocumented migrants are welcome to become members of  FARR (Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups). Asylum seekers, rejected asylum seekers and undocumented migrants are also welcome to become members. Read more about how you or your organisation can become a member or subscribe to FARR’s magazine on FARR’s homepage (in Swedish).

Fristadsfonden (the Sanctuary Fund)
Fristadsfonden provides financial support for expert legal assistance to aid asylum seekers who, despite having strong valid reasons for claiming asylum, have been rejected on their application for asylum. You can contribute by donating money to the ‘Fristadsfonden plusgirokonto’ account, number: 26 31 25-7.

Läkare i Världen (Médecins du Monde Suède/ Doctors of the World Sweden)
Läkare i Världen Sverige (Médecins du Monde Suède/ Doctors of the World Sweden) helps vulnerable people with medical assistance, psychosocial support and legal advice. Through donations made to the clinic, people who lack subsidized health care can receive help and medicine at the Läkare i Världen’s clinic in Stockholm and at clinics in other parts of the country. Läkare i Världen deliver health care through volunteer, unpaid, activities.

Medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, lawyers, interpreters and psychologists can become volunteers at the clinic and donations can are always very welcome. Read more about how to contribute to Läkare i Världen’s activities on Läkare i Världen’s homepage (information in Swedish).